Local SEO Services

 Local SEO Services

Search Engines have made businesses prosper by embracing the power of local search engine optimization you can target local customers to go to your company website.

There are a multitude of ways to target customers to your business and at SEO Web Marketing we have been working on local seo services tailored for local businesses to increase their local sales for over a decade.

Google recently introduced “Google Places” which merges the power of it’s search engine and the ability to display to local customers companies in their surrounding by using GPS or keyword terms.

Google Places

Imagine having a customer on a smartphone or tablet and open Google Maps and search for a keyword, example “Toronto Naturopath”, “Toronto Lawyer” or even “Toronto Chinese Restaurant” and being able to find the closest business to their location.

Local SEO Services

As we all know there are hundreds of businesses to compete against, SEO Web Marketing can ensure you are always the closest business to the individual thus increasing your local store market sales.

Local Search Optimization Keyword Terms

Google Places is tailored for businesses with physical locations but imagine your a small business and your business is ran from a house and thus wouldn’t be able to accommodate having hundreds of customers knocking at your door?

Some of our clients advertise specifically to the Toronto population but are yet too small to have a physical office to service customers, that’s not a problem at all. All large businesses were once a small business and we can tailor your search engine optimization keyword terms to target the Toronto Area.

Large businesses can also increase their revenue by promoting different products to a specific demographic.

If your a large business wanting to sell snow shovels you possibly wouldn’t sell shovels to customers in Vancouver but would like to target your snow removal products to customers in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Local SEO Services

We also tailor Local Search Engine Optimization for the following Canadian Cities:

At SEO Web Marketing increasing your sales is our first priority, let us show you how!