Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing

Social Media has hit the millions of users and growing daily!!

WEB 2.0 has brought new ways of advertising which targets advertisement depending on what the consumer has searched, commented and even the specific location of the individual.

There are a couple of major Social Media players “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn” and each one needs a different approach to properly target your future customers. SEO Web Marketing employee’s started using social media since first introduced and our clients where able to receive even more customers by these new mediums.

When marketing it’s best not to place all your eggs in one basket and by using social media marketing you are bringing traffic from a multitude of mediums back to your company, being search engine optimized for the first page of google, bing and yahoo is not enough these days as potential customers could be looking in Twitter for something specific and find your targeted advertisement and all of the sudden you have a potential customer contacting your company.

Facebook is also a huge asset which offers a multitude of free mediums to advertise your company through Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages which allows your customers in real time to comment, recommend and like your product.

Think of Facebook as the biggest “Word of Mouth”or even a better analogy “Scream to all my friends that I’ve just purchased a product from this company”.

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When creating optimized Facebook pages for our clients we also add multiple components on our clients websites which also deepen the consumer interaction with our clients products in real time without the need of leaving the website to comment and like their products through Facebook Connect and direct links to your Facebook Page.

Studies show once consumer leaves a website without a purchase chances are they will not remember they actually needed the product and having everything already available on your website just creates the ease for your consumers to read comments, comment himself and even “Like or Recommend” to all his friends that he just bought one of your products which in turn will advertise to all the customers friends that your company is trusted.


When twitter was first released it’s members started utilizing this tool to advertise a small snippet of their lives 140 characters at a time, more and more people started realizing twitter could be used as possibly one of the biggest marketing tools web 2.0 has ever created. What makes Twitter shine out of all the other Social Media mediums it’s the ability to search it’s database in real time just like a search engine for specific keywords, if utilized correctly for Internet Marketing it can generate a good amount of free traffic to your website.

When creating Search Engine Optimization campaigns for our clients we always create twitter accounts and teach our clients on how to properly utilize twitter to boost their online sales. Our clients have gotten the most success when using twitter matched with their online product sales to advertise their rebates and/or coupons.


The first thing which come to people’s thoughts when LinkedIn is mentioned is “Resumes” and “Hiring”, that is half right. If you’re a business which would like to market your business to other businesses LinkedIn can be a huge asset. As Twitter is to consumers LinkedIN is to businesses and if used properly it can attract business to business “B2B” relationships and the more business connections you acquire the bigger your marketing pool becomes.



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