Toronto Internet Marketing

Toronto Internet Marketing

 Internet Marketing

Online search results are at an all time high, more and more people are joining the Internet every second in and having a sane Toronto Internet Marketing Specialist is a must!

We now live in an age where people are constantly connected to the Internet through computers at home, work and on the road with their Smartphone.

I’m not sure what most of our staff would do without their Blackberries, IPhones, Android Phones and/or Tablets.

At SEO Web Marketing we believe our customers success is our own, it’s impossible to shake the feeling our clients give us after a successful Toronto Internet Marketing Campaign it’s possibly the best feeling after getting your first car.

Our Toronto SEO clients are focused on their sales and thus unable to focus on the potential of the Internet. Our Greater Toronto Area Internet Marketing Specialists have been hand picked and are all veterans of the trade and have a minimum of 10 years under their belts.

Internet Marketing or Search Engine Marketing “SEM for short” will accomplish the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase your Online Sales revenue
  • Attract new customers who might of never heard of your company
  • Keeping customers on your website even after the sale has been finalized
  • Your customers will attract newer customers through Social Media Marketing
  • Expanding your customer base globally or locally depending of your target audience.

Global Internet Marketing versus Local Internet Marketing

Toronto Internet Marketing

Why would a company choose Local over Global Internet Marketing?

A good example of a good candidate for Local Internet Marketing would be a florist which would like to improve his revenue but is unable to ship his flowers to China.

This is one of the main reasons our clients come to SEO Web Marketing. We sit down with prospective Toronto clients and go through a multitude of questions and tailor our SEO Services to their specific business needs and this is why we are unable to display prices on our website as there are no set prices for search engine optimization campaigns which tailor to a broad range of clientele.

Companies which have set prices are over pricing their services as it all boils down to “Keyword Search Terms“. When optimizing a Toronto clients website and their specified keyword term is for example “Lawyer Firm” it will not be priced the same as “Toronto Lawyer Firm” as one is marketing to the whole world and the other is marketing to a specific location.

We believe in focusing on one client at a time reinforced what we have mentioned earlier that our customers success is our own.

We have a team of dedicated Internet Marketing experts which will work on different avenues of your business to improve your long term organic search results.

Most SEO companies charge monthly fees but this is an unnecessary cost passed to the client as all our customers are still on the first page of all major search engine “Google, Yahoo and Bing” over 6 years after their marketing campaign was finished.

Our Search Engine Marketing is long term and no hidden fees!

Generating New Sales

Being on the first page of Google now a days is not enough if your Internet Marketing company is not able to generate new sales “ROI” which means Return on Investment.

We have years of experience in Marketing, Content Management Systems and Telecommunications knowledge and bring this knowledge to your business and we are able to modify your website look and feel to appeal to your perspective customers.

Imagine a customer landing on your website as you were ranked on the first page of Google but after a couple of seconds he presses the “Back” button on his browser and goes to your competitor?

Modifying your look and feel of your website is very important as you want to keep your prospective customers on your website for the longest amount of time possible as this will generate revenue.

Below are just some of the major sections we focus on for generating new sales on your website:

  • Outlining your Products and Services
  • Online Purchasing
  • Adding Interactivity to your website
  • Clearly Displaying Sales (Customers Love Sales)
  • Recommendation on Toll Free Providers
  • Contact Form

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